Jessica Pye

Teaching Philosophy
My philosophy of teaching has evolved from my many years as a student in a variety of fields. Not only has my training as a Ph.D. student in research prepared me to teach a variety of courses, but my experience as a master’s student in both business and economics, as well as studying mathematics, economics, and history at an undergraduate level has refined my beliefs that as a teacher, it is my primary mission to inspire students to be lifelong learners.

Technology is rapidly changing all around us, so much so that students can teach us about how they use technology in their everyday lives if we inspire them to recognize how their lives have become interdependent with technology. What we can teach and specifically what I believe, is that foundational, core concepts of technology and the diverse ways in which technology can be applied to solve business and societal issues are fundamental to any student’s education in today’s fast paced world. As an instructor, if I can humanize or make a topic more relatable to students, they will develop a desire to keep learning how technology continues to impact their lives instead of just memorizing and regurgitating key points and definitions.  Furthermore, the students will come away from the course with the ability to articulate how various technologies can be used in different problem contexts.

Teaching Experience
Assistant Professor, Arizona State University, Spring 2017

Course: Introduction to Business Data Analytics (CIS 315)

​Spring 2017

  • The instructor maintained high standards that had to be met in order to succeed in this class: 6.6 
  • Scale: 1=Completely Disagree to 7=Completely Agree

Main Modules: Database, SQL, Descriptive, Prescriptive, and Predictive Analytics

​​Instructor, Georgia State University Spring 2015 & 2016 
Course: Introduction to Computer-Based Information Systems (CIS 2010)
Spring 2015

  • Instructor Effectiveness: 3.9, Scale: 1=Not at all Effective to 5=Extremely Effective
  • ​​Course Worthwhileness: 3.8, Scale: 1=Not at all Effective to 5=Extremely Effective

Spring 2016

  • ​Instructor Effectiveness: 4.7
  • Course Worthwhileness: 4.5

​Main Modules: Organizational Strategy, Ethics and Privacy, Information Security, E-Commerce, Social Computing, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Analytics