Jessica Pye

Future Research

In addition to my dissertation, I am currently working on other research projects. Currently, I am developing a paper with Dr. Arun Rai and Dr. Aaron Baird where we examine how U.S. hospitals must strategically choose whether or not to participate in Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and how this decision is affected by IT-enable care coordination mechanisms, as well as how these choices affect patient experience. In this paper we draw on a rich dataset from 2013-2014 of approximately 1,200 U.S. hospitals and leverage a two-stage endogenous treatment effects model to account for the endogeneity of self-selecting into an ACO. A complete manuscript is expected to be resubmitted to Production and Operations Management by Fall 2016.

Furthermore, I plan to continue my current path of research to uncover the different ways in which IT can be leveraged, along with other capabilities and governance mechanisms, to create business value. Among other areas, I am very interested in the role of digital platforms that can be used to co-create value. I plan to situate my studies in different markets and regulatory contexts and intend to undertake these investigations by using (1) interdisciplinary perspectives that bring together IS, strategy, and economics, (2) constructing large, multi-source datasets, and (3) using multiple methods to analyze the data.